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Travel Expert Andrew M. Berke Says Research Reveals Affordable 2018 Vacation Destinations

andrew m berkeIt doesn’t matter if you’re headed to a place you’ve always wanted to visit or are taking a weekend excursion, there’s nothing wrong traveling on a budget. This is because travel can be expensive and planning ahead is a great way to slash those costs. From airfare to filling up at the gas station, travel expert Andrew M. Berke is here with some insider information that could go a long way toward you enjoying the experience and coming home with some extra cash.


According to Forbes magazine, exchange rates are a great thing to consider when looking for an international destination where the dollar will go further. Montreal, Canada “has a very favorable exchange,” according to the article, which adds that a blooming arts culture isn’t to be missed. At the moment, one Canadian dollar is worth .77 of one U.S. dollar so you’ll be getting more bang for your American buck if you choose to visit our neighbor to the north in the near future. If a true international experience is more your thing, then Forbes notes that the Chinese city of Xian is a breath of fresh air compared to Beijing. While the population here is still an astounding 13 million, it’s “a pleasant city to be in.” Moreover, it’s a mere $23 for admission to the Terracotta Warriors exhibit that “put Xian on the map.”


Of course, travel expert Andrew M. Berke knows that some people are going to want to remain in the U.S. and make their trip using the family car. In which case, Forbes suggests Houston, Texas as a site to see. “Being one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., Houston is creating buzz that cities like Miami and Chicago have long enjoyed,” the article states. This is attributed to a great food scene, art institutions and hotels that are “operating below capacity.” Of course, the latter means that you won’t be paying above-normal fees due to lower demand. Even exotic locations like Croatia, “with cheap restaurant meals and nearby mountain wineries,” and the African country of Senegal are getting long overdue attention, says Andrew M. Berke.

The average vacation for a family will cost you thousands of dollars. The difference between a $1,000 week-long trip to the nearest major city or $4,000 flight to a different continent is planning. This is where Andrew M. Berke’s consistently accurate insider travel advice can pay off. Be sure to regularly check this website for additional tips and tricks when it comes to travel in 2018 and beyond!

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